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Get Around Peru

It’s an often question by our travelers. By Peru’s geography we could say that we can get around Peru in many ways, clearly destinies within the Peruvian territory.get around peru

Each service offers a wide variety of adapting to our time, comfort and economy.

  • Peru by air

Air transport, whose domestic flights are of short sections, allow travel in less time to the different cities of Peru, having the first main access  to the Capital City of Lima to go to different destinations.

One can mobilize in Peru through the interprovincial transportation. Internally between cities as crossing borders, Peru despite its rugged geography, has good roads that allow the connection between its cities, there is a great variety of local companies that offer different services throughout the country.

The use of tourist transport in recent years began with a private service due to the great influx and quality of service provided in the tourism sector, especially in some cities of Peru such as Cusco, Puno, Puerto Maldonado and Arequipa where there is more touristic activity.

  • Peru by Train

Rail transport, we could say that it’s almost exclusively of use of the tourist sector. There are few destinations that we can access through this route, for example it is almost impossible to go to the ancient citadel of MachuPicchu without being able to take a train.

  • Peru by Road

Rent of cars, vans, vanes, motorcycles, bicycles, are part of the power to mobilize within Peru, its cities and its small towns.In many parts of the country, it is a great experience to be able to get around in a mototaxi called tuc tuc in some cities of our country.

  • Peru by boat

Inside our Amazon the way to mobilize is fluvial, so if in your itinerary is visit the jungle of Perú; you’ll have the experience of mobilizing in motorized boats and canoes.

Another unmissable place to visit by boat is to south of the country, on the highest navigable lake in the world that is Titicaca located in the city of Puno.