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Restaurants in Cusco

During these last years the Peruvian food has gained reputation worldwide becoming very famous and imposing, receiving many titles and recognitions, in this article we give you useful information to recognize the best restaurants in Cusco.

This phenomenon is due to its great variety of inputs and the ingredients that have thanks to the ecosystems that exist in our country, that allow us to grow and harvest a great variety of foods, Perù has more of 80% of the existent ecosystems in the world,we are the country that gives rise to potatoes, we have almost 3000 varieties of potatoes, the production of many vegetables, sounds almost incredible but it is possible to find bananas growing in the valleys of the sierra of Peru, and also many exotic products of our Amazon.

Peruvian Gastronomy

Thanks to all this natural wealth our country is full of opportunities in relation to food.

Our gastronomy goes back to ancient times with history, customs, people … since the Pre Inca time, Inca, its first fusion with the Spanish conquest, later influences Muslim, African, French, Italian, Japanese … our gastronomy is the result of a fascinating evolution of food and cultures.

Cusco as the first tourist destination is very involved with the gastronomy and high demand for high quality services. They have made the restaurants offer a variety of typical dishes, as well as fusions, and new creations using traditional ingredients such as kiwicha, quinoa, alpaca meat, guinea pig, etc., which is the Novoandina Cuisine.

Recommended Restaurants in Cusco

There are many restaurants large and small, luxurious and simple that will give us the opportunity to enjoy all that gastronomic diversity.

We suggest the following restaurants to have a pleasant and delicious culinary experience:

  • Café Morena.- We offer a wonderful experience with its great variety of presentation of traditional dishes, with a special touch and fusion.
  • Greens.- A place where one can enjoy organic food and their salads are among the best in Cusco, a very cozy place.
  • Pukara.- Here one can taste a little more local food, as well as Japanese food.
  • Pacha Papa.- A place to enjoy a wonderful atmosphere during lunch, located in an old house in San Blas, has in its menu a varied presentation of local, national and international dishes.